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Tracie Jean Maglosky (in V.O)

Tracie Jean Maglosky

New topic, which I got the idea by looking at the wealth of photographers using Olympus material. It will grow over time, car other photographers have given me their agreement.

And so, I have the pleasure to publish this first interview, because it is a first photographer and what more normal than to start with a woman, gallantry obliges :). I discovered Tracie's work looking for information about the material we have and I was very touched by the softness and aesthetics of his photos.

Tracie Jean Maglosky who kindly agreed to answer some questions, visionary Olympus in the United States.

- Could you introduce yourself and present your photographic work? (Please answer freely but if you need example, you can give information about your career path, your favourite subjects etc.)

My name is Tracie Maglosky. I'm a wife, mom, photographer, business owner, Olympus America Visionary, instructor avid reader and yoga lover. Our studio specializes in maternity, newborn and weddings. On a side note, I love to create fashion portraits in amazing locations :)

- Why did you choose to work with Olympus material? Starting out in photography, my first point and shoot camera was an Olympus. I was comfortable with the brand. I had always admired Olympus for their innovations like dust removal, and their philosophy on a smaller camera than a traditional DSLR. As a woman, that really resonated with me. 

- Which camera body(-ies) and lense(s) are you using?


Currently, I carry 2 EM-1 Mark II bodies and my favorite lenses are the 45mm Pro f/1.2, 25mm Pro f/1.2, 40-150mm Pro f/2.8, 12-40mm Pro f/2.8, 7-14mm Pro f/2.8 and 75mm f/1.8 

- What is your best memory while taking a picture?


I think I get to relive my best memories in the studio every time I get to do a newborn session. I am always so touched by the brand new love between parents and their new babies. There is nothing quite like it in the world! I'm so blessed to be given those opportunities! It continues to be my most favorite thing.

- What suggestions, tips, and advice would you give someone to approach your own area of specialisation?


Any type of portraiture involving people requires a heart of service and a desire to create relationships. What makes a great portrait is the expression of the subject given back to the image. A truly amazing portrait photographer gains the trust of their subjects and leads them through a journey of self-discovery and expression. 


Fail, fail, fail! Learning in this world of photography is everything! Don't be afraid to take 10,000 bad shots... they lead to the monumental ones! 

Practice every single day. Shoot in manual. Use lighting and get over your fear of artificial light. Practice is everything. 


Never let yourself say, "I can't" it's just another way of saying, "I won't". 


Have fun!

Tracie Jean Maglosky

Tracie Jean Photo Studios

Olympus Visionary


Tracie Jean Maglosky (in V.O)